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We got a Classic Fiesta Meal. Though in hindsight, considering we were about six adults and four children, we should have gotten the GR8 SET (8-10 persons) instead of the DOZEN SET (12-14 persons). We went with Menu 2.

Fried Rice

Menu Description:
MENU 2 Savory Classic Lomi Soup | Classic or Buttered Chicken | Savory Shanghai Rolls | Salt & Pepper Squid | Garlic Spinach | Yanchow Fried Rice | Choice of Dessert* | Savory Iced Tea or Tropical Cooler GR8 P2995 | DOZEN P3995

Lomi Soup

The soup was delicious. The chicken was okay, because it was dry. Then again, I didn't eat it with the gravy. The shanghai rolls were good when dipped in the sweet and sour sauce. The fried chicken balls were so buttery.

I didn't eat the squid or the spinach, because the fried garlic had visually triggered my association with peanuts.

Shanghai Rolls

When it was time to choose dessert we got the Ube Sago** and the Coffee & Cream Delight.

The dessert with green grass jelly tasted good. The coffee with black grass jelly was sweet; it basically tasted like iced coffee with condensed milk. Actually, it was too sweet for me. RK thought it was bitter, but I didn't think so.


*Dessert Choices: Pandan Fiesta Salad, Ube Sago, Coffee & Cream Delight and Almond Fruit Float.
**The dessert we got was purple with green grass jelly.

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Classic Savory

Ube Sago**

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