Ada and I came here and ordered #17 and #29.

I also got a small bottle (330ml) of Gurkha, a Nepalese lager; it was 3.95 euros.

Lusha Momo

Menu Description:
MOMO > 17. Lusha Momo / Kothey Gestoomde / gebakken Momo's, gevuld met gekruid lamsgehakt. | Steamed / fried Momos stuffed with seasoned minced lamb. 16,95 euros

The dumplings (#17) were good, but tasted plain without the sauce, which I didn't dare try because it had sesame oil. I liked the momo, but I wish the restaurant could have made it with sauce which I could eat. It should be noted, however, that some of the momo appeared to have been undercooked.

Chunlaa Dhulo Masu

Menu Description:
Nepalese Main Dishes > 29. Chunlaa Dhulo Masu Lamsgehakt bereid met ui, groene chili en gemengde kruiden. Een geliefde bekend Newarigerecht. | Minced lamb prepared with onions, green chili and mixed spices. A famous Newari dish. 15,50 euros

Compared to the lamb in the momo (#17), the lamb in the chunlaa dhulo masu was finer in texture (more minced); in particular, it was finer than ground beef. It was good.

The soup was okay. 11:39 AM PT (for Amsterdam, Netherlands +9 hours)

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Sherpa Restaurant

Inside a Momo. The one in the upper right looks raw.

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