Morning Wood

The kalua pork had a great texture, but it didn't have so much flavor. 11:25 AM PT

kalua pork

Menu Description:
sides > kalua pork 7.5

The pork goes well with Tobasco sauce.

I like the Portuguese sausage. It has a good level of spiciness. 11:30 AM PT

Portuguese sausage

Menu Description:
sides > house made portuguese sausage 9

The scrambled egg was cooked well. The chicken in gravy was delicious. 11:32 AM PT

Eating the pork with gravy was only a small improvement over eating it by itself. Then again, I only added a small amount of gravy. 11:36 AM PT

oh so loco moco - mochiko chix

Menu Description:
oh so loco moco steamed rice/meatloaf patty or kalua pork or mochiko chix/gravy/two eggs 16

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