Bangkok Thai Cuisine

Today my friend and I were walking towards a pizza place he's been to, only to find that it was closed for the day. As such, we decided to stop into Bangkok Thai Cuisine, which was just nearby.

I ordered the pad see-ew and double-checked what kind of oil the restaurant uses. There are no peanuts and they use vegetable oil.

Overall, I thought it was a solid meal. The dish was not spicy and I would come back to try other meals for sure. 5:41PM PT

Note that it'll probably be a while before I come back, because the restaurant is located about a mile's walk from where I work.

Menu Description:
PAD SEE-EW (Chicken, beef or pork) 7.95 Wok-fried wide rice noodles, broccoli, egg, and dark sweet sauce. (or $8.95 with shrimp)


Sliced roast duck noodle soup. Flat rice noodle.

This meal was quite tasty and the duck was a mixture of crunchy and soft. Though the soup had a slightly salty aftertaste. I drank most of the broth, but not all.

On the one hand I didn't drink all of the broth because I full, but on the other hand I didn't drink all of it because it was slightly salty.

Menu Description:
ROASTED DUCK NOODLE SOUP 9.25 Wide rice noodles with boneless roasted duck, bean sprouts & green onion.

My coworker and I returned to Bangkok Thai Cuisine today. While I briefly considered ordering something else on the menu, when prompted to order, I decided to reorder the roast duck noodle soup with flat rice noodle. From what I recall, it tasted more or less the same as the last time.


Bangkok Thai Cuisine

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