Great China

Today I came to Great China for the first time. Unfortunately, I don't think I took any notes. Regardless, I recall that the tea was average, the soup was good, and the entree (walnut prawns) was also good.

Walnut Prawns Lunch Special (20141016)


This is my second time here at Great China.

First, I would note that the salad was good and there was the right amount of soy sauce (unlike the excessive amount in my salad at Chabaa).

Soup (20141106)

This garlic chicken sauce is delicious. It's a really good dish.

I almost didn't finish the plate. As such, I would say the dish was a reasonable portion size.


On a different note, while eating the garlic chicken, I wondered the following: why does spicy food seem to retain more heat than non-spicy food?

For whatever reason, I fail to take notes when I come here.

Soup (20150225)

While it's nice to have a quality Chinese restaurant in Downtown Berkeley, I would say there's nothing particularly different between Great China and most other Chinese restaurants I've been to. In particular, I like getting Chinese food from Hunan Villa.

Almond Chicken (?) Lunch Special (20150225)


Great China


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Soup (20141016)

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