Aguililla Taqueria

With about 3.5 stars I was afraid of the quality of this place. However, I found the carnitas plate was all around solid. The carnitas was good. I asked for the spicy salsa and it was pretty spicy. 9:54PM PT

Todat I got the lengua plate with refried beans and hot sauce. Next time I'll skip out on the hot sauce. The lengua was absolutely delicious.

Lengua plate (20141109)

My only complaint was the guy servicing me coughed on his hand while charging my card. While I don't think he washed his hands before prepping the next person's food, I'll give him the benefit of the doubt. Needless to say, I ate my food with a fork. 1:58PM PT

Today the person helping me swiped my card and then handed me the card. After it didn't seem to be working, he just sort of assumed I would used cash. Luckily I did have some cash, but the guy's mannerism sort of ticked me off.

However, as much as I dislike the sanitary level and service at this place, the food was good.

Carne asada plate (20141123)

Today I got the carne asada plate (with raw onions and black beans). The carne asada was good. I also liked how they paired with the raw onions. 8:46PM PT

Aguililla Taqueria

Carnitas plate (20141027)

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