Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt

Despite all my efforts to resist sweets, it's much easier on my own than with copious options being put in front of me.* In any case, I went into the store and asked for some sample cups. The worker gave me three and I can only recall two of the three sample flavors: dulce de leche (it was sweet) and mango.

Mango (left) and Original Tart (right)

Then, after my taste tests, I decided to get a little bit of original tart and a little bit of mango. Both were tart and not so sweet, which was good. Note that I initially wanted to add popping strawberries or popping mangos but then figured they would overwhelm the flavor of the frozen yogurt.

I had a taste of my friend's taro and it initially tasted good, but it had a bad aftertaste.

*I feel sorry for kids whose parents overfeed/overfed them.

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Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt

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