Twisted Root Burger Co.

When the man before me got to the cashier, the cashier remembered to change the second television screen from a menu displaying breakfast items to a menu displaying "Favorites" and "Salads."*

At that point, I immediately changed my previous menu choice to The Western.

Menu Description:
The Western Pepper jack, bacon, fried onion strings & jalapeno 10.66

The burger tasted amazing. It had a nice amount of heat from the jalapenos, whatever sauce it may have had was good, and the grilled onions were mildly sweet. The beef was also deliciously juicy.

As a note on how spicy the burger was, I noticed my nose was a little runny by the time I finished eating.

*First, the entire process of closing a picture file and then opening another picture file to display as a menu is slow, but it only happens once a day so I guess that's whatever. Second, is it that handy to display static information on a television screen? On the bright side, at least they're not implementing a dynamic menu, it's annoying when an establishment does that. How long do I have to wait again before I see information that's relevant to me?

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Twisted Root Burger Co.

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