Kaisen Kaiten

1) Various dishes comes around on a conveyor belt.
2) See something you like? If it doesn't have a table number (see 3.b.ii), go ahead and take it.
3.a) If you don't see a dish you want, you can mark it down on the sheet of paper.
3.b.i) If you are close to the chef(s), they might just hand you your order when it's ready.
3.b.ii) Otherwise, the dish will get sent down the belt with your table number.
4) When you're done, the waiter/waitress will count the number of trays in each price category (color-coded) and determine how much you owe.

[20110707][20180625 Edit]

I've eaten here once before.

Baked Mussel (20110707)

I wrote: "Baked mussel yum love fake crab meat and sauce"

Soft Shell Crab (20110707)

I wrote: "Soft shell crab. Ok. I'd rather have the soft-shell crab roll at Sagami-Tei."
See Sagami-Tei 20110624 or Sagami-Tei 20100602"

Snow Crab with Wasabi (20110707)

Fresh Oyster (20110707)

I wrote: "Fresh oyster $1.75 special. I ate one of the oysters with green onions. Since I didn't like the taste or the texture of the green onions together with the oyster, I ate the other oyster after taking the green onion off."

Baked Lobster (20110707)

I wrote: "I had a piece of Josh's baked lobster. It was good, but I'd rather have a lobster roll at Sagami-Tei." (see Sagami-Tei 20110624 and/or Sagami-Tei 20100602")

[20110707][20180625 Edit]

Today I ordered the premium sake flight.


I wrote: "$2.75 for two pieces of snow crab. Makes you appreciate all-you-can-eat joints with crab legs. Yum, I love sea urchin (uni). I like the soft texture. $3.50." 9:10 PM PDT

Snow Crab (20110707)

I wrote: "Kobe beef. $3.50. It is raw enough that you have to put the whole piece of meat in your mouth at once and chew. Tasty though. Of the four we ordered, I decided to take the two with less pepper. The sauce provided is good." 9:14 PM PDT

Sea Urchin (lower right), Snow Crab (left), Kobe Beef (top) (20120628)

I wrote: "It's nice to have the soft-shell crab hand rolls be half off on Thursdays. They're good, but better at only $1.75 (blue plate). :)." 9:15 PM PDT A soft-shell crab hand roll is pictured above.

Kobe Beef (20120628)

I wrote: "I had one of Josh's fried chicken and it was delicious. It had sesame seeds on it. There might have been a slight taste of sesame on my tongue, but not lingering." 9:24 PM PDT

[20120707][20180625 Edit]

While I only got one dish today (uni / sea urchin), I love sushi!

Snow Crab (top) and Sea Urchin (bottom) (20120802)

Yelp Review: (****_)
I like this place. It was the first conveyor belt (revolving) sushi joint I was introduced to. I help keep things cheap by getting the hand roll specials.

While the conveyor belt is handy in spotting items you haven't ever tried, I recommend you just fill out they piece of paper they supply to order what you want instead of waiting.

Today I only ordered the uni. It was good. Try to come early, otherwise you'll face a long waiting list. Also note you will only be seated when your full party is present.

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Kaisen Kaiten

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