Thuan Kieu Noodle & Grill

When getting a plate of com tam, you have a variety of options at your disposal. I find there are three good options to add: bi, cha, and tau hu ky.

Com tam = Broken rice
Tau hu ky = Shrimp paste wrapped with bean curd
Bi = Shredded pork and shredded pork skin
Cha = Cha trung hap = "Vietnamese meatloaf steamed egg omelet"

Tau hu ky (right), Bi (left), and Shrimp (center) (20110716)

After deciding if you want to add those, then you want to determine what sort of meat you want. Three common options include suon nuon, thit nuon, and bo nuong.

Suon Nuong = BBQ Pork Chop
Thit Nuong = BBQ Pork
Bo Nuong = BBQ Beef

Typically the plate will come with vegetables (like cucumber) and pickled vegetables, a small bowl of broth on the side, and some sauce to pour over the plate.



My sister's plate. Bi (left), Cha (right), Egg roll (center), and Meat (bottom) (20110716)



My plate. Tau hu ky (bottom right), Bi (bottom left), Cha (top right), and Meat (right) (20120104)



My plate. Tau hu ky (top left), Bi (top), Cha (bottom), and Meat (bottom left) (20130112)


Thuan Kieu Noodle & Grill

My plate. Tau hu ky (top left), Bi (top), Shrimp (center), and Meat (bottom) (20110716)

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