The poke was okay, the sesame kind of got to me.

Menu Description:
Ahi Tuna & Avocado Poke with Tangerines, Icicle Radish, and Sesame $6.50

The lamb meatball was good.

The chicken and green beans were delicious; it had a delicious tasting spiciness.

Menu Description:
Pineapple Chicken & Green Beans with Toasted Coconut, Jalapenos, and Jerk Dressing $2.95

The cucumber mint lemonade was tasty.

The albacore was better! It also had a spiciness.

Menu Description:
Olive Oil Poached Albacore Tuna with Jalapeno Escabeche, Buddha's Hand, and Grilled Onions $2.95

The turkey sandwich was good.

The tomato soup was standard.

The pomegranate lemonade was good. However, I liked the cucumber mint lemonade more.

Menu Description: (lemonade)
Cucumber Mint $3.25
Pomegranate Tarragon $3.25



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