The Melting Pot

Eating carrots with the jalapeno bacon cheese was good. The bread was okay. Eating cheese with apple was good. Eating cheese with brocolli was between okay and good. Actually good.

Menu Description: (cheese fondue)
Bacon & Jalapeno smoky, spicy | Featured Cheeses: Gruyere, Raclette, Fontina | Melted with: White wine, bacon, jalapenos, shallots, garlic | Gluten Free 9.95

I loved the spicy jalapeno flavor of the cheese. Ada liked the bread with cheese best.

My salad tasted good; I liked the ranch. Avoiding carbs, I skipped the croutons; my carb intake thus far consists of a slice of apple and one bread.

Menu Description:
The Melting Pot House Salad Romaine & iceberg, cheddar cheese, tomatoes, croutons and sliced egg with choice of house-made dressings: sweet & tangy or peppercorn ranch | without croutons Gluten Free 8.95

Ada's salad had a sweet dressing and the almonds were candied; a bit excessive. Ada agreed: if the sauce is sweet then the almonds don't have to be candied. 8:13PM PT

Menu Description: (salad)
Mandarin & Almond Romaine, red cabbage, shredded carrots, honey-roasted almonds, wonton strips, mandarin oranges and Asian dressing 8.95

Chicken with mustard tasted good. Broccoli tasted normal. Mushroom tasted okay. Shrimp tasted normal. The beef was soft. The dumpling was okay and had a soft texture. I asked what was inside and Ada said it was cheese inside.

Actually, the mushroom was good when it had broth cupped in its cap. 9:08PM PT

We decided to get the chocolate fondue: pure dark chocolate. I attempt to rate each dessert item when eaten with the chocolate (out of 10). Banana: 9. Cream puff: 5. Ada removed the cream from the cream puff and she ate the puff.

Graham cracker marshmallow: 7. The brownie was so rich I couldn't taste the chocolate, even though I doused it with chocolate: 4. Rice Crispies treat: 10. Pineapple: 7. 9:21PM PT

Menu Description: (chocolate fondue)
Pure Chocolate classic, smooth | Featured Chocolate: Milk, dark or white | Gluten Free 9.95

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The Melting Pot

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