La Puerta

I wrote: "I got guacamole with the chips. The waitress asked so quickly that I didn't think to ask if it cost anything. I decided not to worry. The chips are crunchy, but not warm. They are also barely salted, hardly noticeable." 12:25PM PT

Note: When the bill came, the guacamole was a charge of $4.29. For what it's worth, that's an expensive side of guacamole.

This is what a $4.29 side of guacaamole looks like.

I wrote: "So the initial smell is of grated cheese. But the taste dominates from the onions, melted cheese, and guacamole. The green bell peppers are thinly sliced and add less of a taste than the other ingredients." 12:32PM PT
I wrote: "Good mimosa." 12:34PM PT

Overall the carne asada fries were delicious, but not worth cost ($10.99).

The restaurant has a nice atmosphere, but probably a better place to visit during happy hour. Of course, all the indoor seating had finally filled as I was leaving, and so the place must be packed during happy hour and/or the evenings. I recall there being two or three televisions around the bar. Seats are pretty spread apart, but that might be why the place gets filled quickly.



La Puerta

Carne asada fries.

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