Cafe Lu

My friend and I have been wanting to go to a Vietnamese cafe for a while now and today we decided to go to one. We brought another friend along as well. It was my first time going to a Vietnamese cafe.*

We had a plum drink. The plum was pickled and at first it reminded me of pickle juice, but overall tastier.

I had two coffees which was more than I should drink (too much coffee gives me headaches), but at the moment my head raced and I became more talkative.

The experience initially felt awkward, but got more casual the longer my two friends and I stayed.

The the first person to sit and talk with us seemed quite relax as she was smoking her vape.

Another worker had passed by and did not seem to be totally paying attention to the conversation. This was awkward and eventually she walked over to another table.

Moments pass and she returned and sat down to talk with us. This time the conversation was more interesting. With that being said, sometimes she would continued to show lack of interest, but it was less noticeable and not as awkward as before. 4:46PM PT

*As of 20170512, it's also the only time I've been to a Vietnamese cafe.

Cafe Lu

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