Orange County Fair 20150724

This year I happened to be in town during the fair and figured it'd be fun to go.

One of the first things my friend and I did after entering was look for food. After looking around at the various choices, we decided to get some Australian Battered Potatoes and among the possible choices, we decided to try their new "Hot as the Outback" Sriracha sauce.

Australian Battered Potatoes: Hot as the Outback with Sriracha

As usual, the battered potatoes were delicious. As for the sauce, I definitely enjoyed it and I found it wasn't so spicy, so they're worth trying even if you don't normally eat spicy foods.

Some interesting items such as Fried Slim Fast, Fried Pickles
with Peanut Butter (inside), and Fried Twinkies with Caviar (on top)

After eating, we got some beer and walked around looking for more food. I had the Ninkasi Total Domination and Josh had the Valiant Criterion.

Porkabello Kabob - gouda stuffed bacon wrapped mushrooms

Eventually we went to check out the art exhibit and stayed there a while. I also checked out the crafts exhibit, while Josh and Michael went to buy some scratchers and a giant inflatable Sriracha bottle. Afterwards, we met up and got some more food.

Bacon Wrapped Turkey Leg

As a group of three, we split a Porkabello Kabob and a Bacon Wrapped Turkey Leg. The Porkabello Kabob was delicious, because it was juicy and because of the oils from the cheese and bacon. No really, the Porkabello Kabob was sooo juicy!

More Australian Battered Potatoes.

The Bacon Wrapped Turkey Leg was also good, but quite unwieldy. In particular, the bacon had a tendency to come off and seemed to make the turkey too oily and salty. Of course, this didn't stop us from finishing it off, because the meat was still juicy. 10:53PM PT

Before leaving the fair, we stopped by the Australian Battered Potatoes stand where Josh got an order to take home. We did, however, all eat a couple of them so that it'd be easier to bring back to the car.

With all the heavy fair food in our digestive tract, we finished the night by going to Sonic Drive-In.


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