Super Duper Burgers

After watching Jurassic World at Metreon 16, my friend and I decided to eat at Super Duper Burger.

Coming here for the first time, I decided to get a burger and a Super Shake ("fresh strawberries"). We also split an order of French fries together with the three dips (Super Sauce, Housemade Mayo, Chipotle).

While waiting for the burgers to finish, my friend and I tried our shakes. I thought my strawberry shake was good. In particular, I noted that there's a consistent taste of strawberry syrup throughout the entire shake. Furthermore, the shake is nice and sweet.

Michael, a fan of shakes, rates his shake at being around the seventy-fifth percentile. He adds that his favorite shakes are from In-N-Out, because of their thickness.

As for the burger, it was, as indicated on the menu, quite juicy. While I enjoyed the burger, I failed to notice that the wrapper was tilted and a bunch of the burger's juices spilled all over my phone. An even larger amount just created a pool nearby. Luckily for me the phone is designed to keep water out.

Finally, while the fries were decent, the three dips were not worth their cost ($1.50). I was down for trying it this one time, but I would not get them for myself. Well, I probably wouldn't get the fries for myself in the future either. 10:03PM PT 10:37PM PT


Super Duper Burgers

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