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The grits in the Eggs Florentine were especially good. I liked the texture.

On the other hand, I got the French toast which had a delicious bread taste, but was rather filling; I ate two of the three slices.

Eggs Florentine (20160805)

I wasn't nuts over the hash browns which came with the Eggs Florentine, because they were a little buttery. Furthermore, I like hash browns more when the potato slices are pressed together. 3:33PM PT

Menu Description:
Eggs Florentine crispy spinach polenta topped w/spinach, poached eggs & hollandaise

French Toast (20160805)

Menu Description:
Bananas Foster French Toast Brioche toast, caramelized bananas, fresh cinnamon cream

[20160826 Quick Edit]

I could smell the spinach from the Eggs Vincent. The dish was delicious. I loved the sauce in the spinach.

The oatmeal had a strong cinnamon smell; it reminded me of Big Red, a brand of chewing gum. The oatmeal was okay, because I set my expectations high. In particular, it was too watery for my taste. 8:11PM PT

Eggs Vincent (20160824)

Menu Description:
Eggs Vincent Poached eggs over creamed spinach & artichoke hearts on a grilled English muffin with hollandaise sauce and yukon gold hash browns
Hot Irish Oatmeal Cup | Bowl Steel-cut oats, dried cherries, golden raisins, topped w/fresh cinnamon cream

[20160826 Quick Edit]

I got Joe's Special with a salad instead of hashbrowns. The scrambled eggs had a soft texture on account of the mushrooms.

Joe's Special (20161101)

Menu Description: (Scrambles)
Joe's Special ground beef, spinach, mushroom, onions & Parmesan 11.95

Ada got The Hangover. I had a taste of the chili and it was good. I also had a taste of the sourdough bread, and that was good also. 12:43PM PT

The Hangover (20161101)

Menu Description: (Boulevard's Breakfast Specials)
The Hangover Yukon gold hash browns topped with our homemade chili, two eggs any style, cheddar cheese, green onions, fresh jalapenos, pico de gallo, toast

[20170222 Edit]

Ada and I came here today and differing a bit from what we normally get, we both got salads; Ada got the salmon salad (and a cup of oatmeal) and I got the prawn salad.

Prawn Salad (20170108)

Menu Description:
Prawn Salad grilled tiger prawns, romaine, hearts of palm, avocado, red onion, cherry tomatoes, cilantro, jalapeno, dressed w/evoo* & fresh lemon

The prawn salad was good, but the salmon salad with its sweet vinaigrette tasted better. I also liked the blue cheese and spinach found in the salmon salad. In any case, the shrimp here at Boulevard Cafe tasted good.

Grilled Salmon Salad (20170108)

Menu Description:
Grilled Salmon Salad baby spinach, cherry tomatoes, grilled onions, feta cheese, house vinaigrette

*I didn't know what "evoo" meant, but Ada was quick to realize it stood for "extra virgin olive oil"!

[20170212 Edit]

Although I've reintroduced carbs to my diet, I still wanted to avoid eating them unnecessarily (largely keeping to fruits, oatmeals, and yogurt and avoiding rice, noodles, and bread). Not wanting either omelettes or a salad, I looked at the list of burgers with the intention of replacing the buns with lettuce.

Lamb Burger (20170207)

Unfortunately, the waitress was taking orders so fast that I had no time to request for a lettuce wrap. As such, when the burger arrived, I removed the buns from the burger, scraped the sauce-soaked portions of the buns with a fork, and ate my burger with a knife and fork.

Menu Description:
Lamb Burger lamb & beef patty, feta cheese, red onion, cumin-lime aioli

Chicken Quesadilla (20170207)

Overall, the burger (ordered medium rare and with a fried egg) was delicious, because the cheese was flavorful and the patty was juicy. I would, however, have preferred if the red onion were grilled; I could feel the raw onion reacting in my stomach. 12:16PM PT

I also had a bite of Ada's chicken quesadilla. That was also delicious; mainly due to the guacamole.

[20170211 Edit]

Ada and I came too early for lunch so we had to choose from the breakfast menu; apparently lunch starts at half past ten.* In any case, I got The Godfather and Ada got Boulevard.

The Godfather (20170317)

Online Menu Description:
Scrambles > The Godfather Italian sausage, feta cheese, basil & tomatoes

The sun-dried tomatoes tasted delicious: rich and vibrant. The sausage tasted more like hot dog, but tasted good regardless.

Boulevard - with egg whites (20170317)

Online Menu Description:
Scrambles > Boulevard spinach, mushrooms, caramelized onions, tomato & feta cheese

Ada's egg was watery at the bottom and I didn't like it much. Ada said it's just egg white.** 10:41AM PT

*Meanwhile breakfast is served until 2PM.
**Substituting egg whites is an option for all scrambles.


Boulevard Cafe

Irish Oatmeal (cup) (20170108)

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