Harbor Villa Restaurant

A parking lot!?! Sweet.

Har gow

Fried pumpkin: it had a nice salty taste

Sticky rice shrimp balls: delicious!

Sesame roll: with an allergy to sesame oil, I ate this cautiously; it was edible and tasty

Fried taro: good.

Shrimp rice noodle roll: wasn't as good as I was hoping

Soup dumpling: good.

Deep-fried lobster dumpling: this was okay; Josh mentioned the outside tasted like Chicken McNuggets and after he told me I agreed

Egg custard: tasty but it might have also been the culprit of an irritation/discomfort in my mouth

Duck feet: delicious 3:05PM PT

[20160903 Quick Edit]

Harbor Villa Restaurant*
*Formerly All Season Restaurant; see article below regarding "loophole"

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