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I got the albacore tuna melt with the soup of the day (tortilla soup) as my side.

Tuna Melt

Menu Description:
Local Albacore Tuna Melt, cheddar, avocado, 13.95

The tortilla was already allowed to soften inside the soup. The soup had a strong tomato taste.

Tortilla Soup

Moving onto the tuna melt. It was simple. As Steph said, it was tuna-y. More or less just plain tuna with some avocado slices.

While my tuna melt was good, both the lamb from Josh's lamb burger and Steph's fried egg sandwich were better. In particular, the fried egg sandwich was reminiscent of French bread. 1:54PM PT

Fried Egg Sandwich

Menu Description:
Organic Fried Egg, country ham, tomato, gruyere, 11.95

Menu Description:
Local Lamb Burger, yogurt, tzatziki, mint, 16.50

A portion of the lamb patty from the Lamb Burger

My friends and I shared a slice of ginger cake. There were so many delicious components: the cake's ginger flavor, the ice cream's pumpkin flavor, and caramel. Furthermore, I loved the texture of the ginger cake. It was like carrot cake, but mostly softer, yet also crunchy due to the occasional ginger cookie chunks.

Ginger Cake

It's possibly the whipped cream contributed to the overall flavor but I didn't notice. 2:14PM PT

Menu Description:
Ginger Cake, pumpkin ice cream 8.75

If I came back for lunch, I would split the Fried Egg sandwich and would recommend the ginger cake.

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