Ada and I started with a ceviche for an appetizer. Ada, however, liked the ceviche from Foreign Cinema more; this one had too much vinegar. I, on the other hand, liked it - particularly for the chewy pieces of octopus. I had about six spoonfuls of ceviche.

Bluefin-Avocado Sashimi

Menu Description:
Fresh House made Ceviche Sashimi Grade Snapper, Octopus & Shrimp | Cucumber - Yuzu Salsa | Served with Wonton Chips and Avocado $14

I ate the first piece of my bluefin-avocado sashimi in separate parts (bluefin -> avocado -> garlic chip) and without soy sauce. It was good. Ada tried one and liked it as well.

Ada's tempura dish was decent. Ada said she likes the tempura at Spiral Japanese Cuisine more.

Shrimp Tempura

Next I had one of the two chu toro. I mashed the fish around in my mouth and I could taste the fat. Unfortunately, it was not that tasty.

Returning to the bluefin-avocado sashimi, I also ate my second piece without soy sauce, but this time managed to grab all three parts as one. The avocado seemed to stand out in an unnatural way.

Menu Description:
Bluefin-Avocado Sashimi Spanish Bluefin Wrapped around Avocado | Topped with White Onion vinaigrette | Crispy Potato, Micro Greens $19

Chu Toro (Fatty Tuna)

My third piece of the bluefin-avocado sashimi, like the first, fell apart.

In the end, I liked the bluefin more than the chu toro.

Menu Description:
Chu Toro (2pc.) Fatty Bluefin Tuna $12

Ada tried a little section of the second piece of chu toro and described it as fishy.

Overall, the food was not bad, but far from excellent. I'd rate it 3.5 out of 5 stars.


Eiko's Sushi Restaurant


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