Solita Tacos & Magaritas

Today I came here for the first time. I got the carne asada (and esquites) salad with ranchero sauce and no crumbled tortillas. I also got a glass of tequila (7 Lequas Anejo).

grilled carne asada & esquites salad

Menu Description:
grilled carne asada & esquites salad $15.75 mixed greens topped with grilled carne asada, roasted & grilled sweet corn esquites with cotixa cheese, chipotle sauce, tomatoes & avocado chunk, crumbled corn tortillas. (Without carne asada $11.75)

Taco Tuesday!!!

Both the salad and carne asada tasted average. I would, however, attribute this to having acquired enough data points that the distribution of quality begins to converge; I've observed a similar effect with movies.

Corn freshly cut from the cob.

Actually, now that I had some time to reflect, the corn was good and the salad was at least average, if not better.

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Solita Tacos & Margaritas

Tofu taco

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