Trieu Chau Restaurant

I came here today and got hu tieu mi Nam Vang dac biet. Given the option between thick and thin noodles, I opted to get both thick hu tieu (flat rice noodles) and thick mi (Chinese egg noodles).

It was delicious. Though I later had some of Ada's thin Chinese egg noodles and I liked it better than the thick one - at least for this dish.

The broth tasted good as well; I had added vinegar to it.

Ada liked her thin flat rice noodles more than her thin Chinese egg noodles; the hu tieu was softer. I also had her compare her thin flat rice noodles with some of my thick rice noodles and she found the thin ones to be softer - even though I thought the thicker rice noodles were softer.

While also getting the special combination bowl like me, she didn't eat the duck meat or liver. As such, if she came here again she'd be best off getting a (thin) hu tieu with chicken.

I'd still be good with the same order I had today, except I'd swap out thick Chinese egg noodles for thin ones instead.

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Trieu Chau Restaurant

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