Cold Water Brewery & Grill

Ada and I took a trip to Lake Tahoe and on our way out we stopped for food here at Cold Water Brewery & Grill. Ada ordered the kahlua tostada, I got the reuben with chili, and we shared an order of sweet potato fries. To drink I had their Anniversary brew called the Black Pepper Porter. 1:31 PM PT


"The sweet potatoes have a delicious salt and crunch.

The chili is average.

The reuben sauce is amazing. The meat is good as well actually. It is packed differently than some places.

Kahlua Tostada

The sauce in the tostada is salty. It's a good thing Ada is eating the tostada together with the sweet potatoes. Ada says the sauce is bittersweet and salty.

Ada squeezed some of the sauce out and served it to me on the sweet potato. That's better (i.e., the saltiness was bearable)." 1:48 PM PT

Sweet Potato Fries

"I like the music playing at this restaurant. It's rock music; the type I had heard at the music festivals I've attended." 1:50 PM PT

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Cold Water Brewery and Grill


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