Forest Buffet

When we asked over the phone, we were given a fairly low cost per person and so we decided to go. When we arrived at the casino, we asked around for directions and we were told it was on the 18th floor which we can access by elevator. Upon arriving, I went to pay and it was a good deal higher than what we were told. Despite the fact that I was opposed to eating here,* I decided to commit to paying the higher price.

Macaroni & Cheese, Beef, Shrimp & Cocktail Sauce, Ribs

The beef was good. The ribs were okay. Everything else was uninteresting.

For desert I tried many items. The lemon tart was so-so. The mudslide was okay. The fruit in the fruit tart was decent. The soft serve ice cream was creamy and good. The sugar-free cheesecake was okay. The rice crispies treat was okay. 8:55 PM PT

Before & After

*I generally dislike buffets. The cost effectiveness with respect to quantity and quality is usually terrible. For example, even if I manage to find something tasty, I won't be able to eat enough of it to make up for the cost. If I take advantage of the variety, the average food quality is low and I render myself unable to eat as much.

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Forest Buffet

Sugar-Free Cheesecake

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