Fort McKinley Restaurant & Bar

Ada and I came here today for the first time; we had tried to come once before, but it was closed at the time. In any case, we had just come from running and we were still wearing our athletic clothes. According to a sign on the wall, there was a dress code for the bar area which would be starting about half an hour after we arrived. As such, had we arrived later, we wouldn't have had the opportunity to eat here. Note that, if I recall correctly, their main eating area was booked and not an option.

For food, Ada ordered the Green Beans & Squash and I ordered the Lechon Kawali.

The squash was less cooked than I expected.

Green Beans & Squash

Menu Description:
Green Beans & Squash in Coco Milk 13

The lechon kawali was amazing. In large, the sweet & sour sauce helped make it so. The lechon kawali was crisp and soft. It was delicious. 8:51 PM PT

Lechon Kawali

Menu Description:
Lechon Kawali 15

To drink, I first had a Firestone Walker 805 and I later had a San Miguel.
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Fort McKinley Restaurant & Bar

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