Taqueria Guadalajara (24th St, San Francisco, CA)

I was getting my brakes replaced at House of Brakes and stopped by at this Mexican restaurant for food. I ordered the carne asada plate.

The chips were tasty.

Carne Asada Plate

While waiting for my order, I used the restroom. It had no paper towels and there was spray paint on the walls (how difficult is it to spray paint the walls of a restroom of a restaurant without getting caught?).* In general, it felt dirty.

In any case, when my dish came, the amount of food was plentiful and it tasted decent. The steak was cut thin and cooked hard; I'm personally not fond of this type of carne asada.

*[20181116] Apparently there's a word for restroom graffiti: latrinalia. Though this includes all sorts of writing and art.

[20181116 Edit]

Taqueria Guadalajara

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