Toppers Pizza

Toppers Pizza is a pizza franchise with locations primarily in the midwest, particularly in Wisconsin (location of first store and headquarters) and Minnesota.

A triple of Baconstix (24 stix) with three Grandioso Garlic Sauce for dipping.

My photo record indicates I ate some pizza from Toppers today; I was in Minnesota for work.

From what I can recall and from my records, this is the second time I ever had pizza from Toppers. However, this time I also ate some Baconstix, which are breadsticks with cheese and bacon, macaroni and cheese, and some wings.

A pizza with pepperoni and olives unevenly spread on top.

The mac 'n' cheese was good, the pizza was average, and the Baconstix were soft and delicious with garlic sauce. Speaking of garlic sauce, I would not recommend eating too much. Finally, the boneless chicken wings are spicy. 1:08 PM CT

Correction, the boneless chicken wings are very spicy. 1:09 PM CT

Loaded Tater Mac

Menu Description:
Baconstix (150-210 cal/piece) Our original 'stix topped with loads of yummy applewood smoked bacon.

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Toppers Pizza

Boneless Wings

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