Today was my first time going to Athineon. I got a gyro plate with rice and hot peppers.

Gyro Plate (20150421)

I enjoyed the dish so much that I practically just inhaled it.

Overall, I found the peppers were a good combination with the gyro. The melted cheese on the rice was also a nice touch. 1:59PM PT

Today I came and wanted to order the lamb shank. Unfortunately, the cashier said that they just sold out of it. As such, I settled with getting the Athineon plate: gyro and a chicken skewer. As before, I got the hot peppers; but instead of rice, I decided to get fries.

Athineon Plate (20150504)

First trying a piece of chicken on the skewer, I was amazed. It was juicy and absolutely delicious. As for the gyro and hot peppers, they were as tasty as they were the last time I came.

As the fries sat under the gyro, I decided to eat the gyros and fries together with a fork, occasionally dipping them in ketchup. 1:17PM PT

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