Today was my first time eating at CRUNCH. After looking through the menu I decided to order the regular bulgogi bibimbap with no sesame seeds and no sesame oil. 9:15PM PT

Bulgogi Bibimbap (20150423)

It came with a good tasting soup. After having a couple of sips, I decided to save the rest for last.

As for the bulgogi bibimbap, the bowl was so large that I almost didn't know where to begin. After a couple of glances, I tried each of the vegetables one after the other and then finally tried some of the bulgogi. Some of it was plain (e.g., beansprouts and carrots) and some of it was delicious (e.g., kimchi).

Seaweed Soup (20150423)

After that, I had some of the brown rice. It was good, but then I discovered there was some broth/juices at the bottom. Now the rice tasted great.

Eventually I mixed all the ingredients together and I absolutely enjoyed the entire experience. While a bit overpriced, I'll definitely come back for more. 9:35PM PT

Bulgogi Bibimbap (20150423)

Sooner than expected, today I came back to CRUNCH. Today I ordered the bulgogi plate with no sesame.

It tasted good and was a smaller portion than the bibimbap I had yesterday - perfect for lunch. 1:36PM PT

Bulgogi Plate (20150424)

CRUNCH Korean-American Fusion Foods

Bulgogi Bibimbap (20150423)

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