Ben & Jerry's

Taking advantage of a two-for-one deal, I tried the BRRR-ito from Ben & Jerry's. While it's not bad, it's basically just two scoops of ice cream wrapped in a soft waffle with chocolate cookie crumbs and fudge.

After choosing the Spectacular Speculoos and Wayne'Swirled, I was beginning to salivate. Unfortunately, upon taking a bite of the BRRR-ito, I found the chocolate cookie crumbs and fudge masked the individual taste of the ice cream scoops.

As an observation, the rolled waffle remained soft and chewy from the first bite to the last. While different in texture, it tasted as a waffle normally tastes.

Menu Description:
Spectacular Speculoos
Dark caramel & vanilla ice creams with speculoos cookies & a speculoos cookie butter swirl

Menu Description:
Dark caramel & vanilla ice creams with fudge & caramel swirls

Ben & Jerry's

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