Pho Saigon #1

I'm here with my family and some extended family and I decide to order a big bowl of pho with tai (sliced rare steak) and bo vien (beef meatballs).

Normally turning up the noodle results in a picture where the noodle and meat occupy the soup's surface. However, so little rice noodle was given that the surface is mainly just the broth.

Unfortunately, the supposedly large bowl hardly had any noodle. Furthermore, the broth was extra hot and didn't taste very good. Finally, the meat (both the steak and the meatballs) was just okay. Overall, I found the bowl to be a lackluster experience. 12:08PM PT

In Orange County, there are so many pho restaurants that finding one that you like isn't hard (see Little Saigon ( for other areas with large Vietnamese-American enclaves). Some of my favorite pho restaurants include Pho Quang Trung, Pho Kimmy, and Kobe House USA.

Outside of a Vietnamese-American enclave, the options are much more slim. While there are literally hundreds of pho restaurants in Orange County, there are only four Vietnamese restaurants (Yelp search) in Fairfield, CA.


Pho Saigon #1

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