Napa Valley Crust

Today at my cousin's rehearsal dinner, the dinner which took place after the rehearsal wedding, and catering for the event was Napa Valley Crust.

Prosciutto (left), Pesto/Baby Clam (center), and Pepperoni/Corn/Portuguese Sausage (right)

As guests lined up along the truck, pizzas were being made and served on the fly. Among the various pizzas I tried, one had prosciutto, one had pesto & baby clam, and one had pepperoni, corn, & Portuguese sausage.

However, among the different toppings, the Portuguese sausage blew the others out of the water and I kept returning for more. That Portuguese sausage was great.

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Napa Valley Crust

Two slices of a Pepperoni/Portuguese Sausage pizza. Also a slice of Pepperoni/Pesto and a slice of Cheese/Corn.

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